Over almost nine years we have participated with Nature and her regenerative processes in transforming a very tired horse paddock, with very compacted earth and a scarcity of wildlife into a thriving and abundant Food forest/Eco system.

Hridayabija – translates from Sanskrit into ‘Seed of the Heart’. Mimicking ecological systems, or the most engaging kinds of conversations, we have an ‘emergent philosophy.’ Rather than imposing changes or having well defined goals, we participate and allow processes of transformation to emerge. We find that what unfolds through this process is often mysterious, surprising and beyond our imaginings.

We are learning to deepen into questions about how we might live with a lyrical heart and Beauty in evermore congruence with these difficult and challenging times. We understand our environmental woes are at root, a symptom of a misplaced sense of our place in the universe, and that somehow the ‘stories’ that inform our sense of ourselves and our place in the scheme of things are fundamentally misplaced.

We believe that responding to these symptoms invites us to explore the possibility, or even the necessity of becoming a new kind of Human Being. The extraordinary diversity of stories and paradigms that inform the different Tribes of human beings across time and space, along with the profound insight of Buddhism that suggests that there is no fixed Self. This gives the encouraging message that such fundamental changes are highly achievable. Our explorations of these questions are ongoing: However, we sense the old stories have run their course and it is time for new informing narratives to arise. A role perhaps much more suited to Poets and Artists rather than Scientists, Politicians and Economists. In light of this we frame the Forest garden, in part as a creative endeavour.

Can we become more wise and worthy custodians of the earth? Can we redefine what abundance means? In what ways can we leave the world and its living systems regenerated and revived? What does living in right relationship with the earth look like?

Although just beyond the beginning of our journey, our tiny forest garden is a small but potent glimmer of hope that such changes are indeed possible. We are increasingly finding that Hridayabija is offering a sense of abundance on many layers and levels – physically, emotionally and spiritually and with each other, but all woven within the abundance of the Forest and grounded deep into the Earth. Several other projects have been initiated through the example and inspiration of Hridayabija.

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