Sagaravajra is one of the most remarkable people I know. Over the past 20 years (ever since I've known him in fact) he has explored and mastered one area of creativity after another. 


We first met in the basement of Rivendell, a Buddhist retreat centre in East Sussex, where he was teaching himself to sculpt in order to create an image of his chosen Buddhist meditation practice, the Goddess of the Perfection of Wisdom, Prajnaparamita. The result - after several years work and solving a multitude of problems associated with the creation of images - was a wonderful life size image of her based on a Javanese original.


After that he went on to explore the actual practice of her meditation by taking himself and her to Guhyaloka, the Secret Realm, another Buddhist retreat centre this time high in the mountains of Spain, where he built himself a yurt on the platform of which he and she could sit and contemplate the infinity and impermanence of both mind and space.


That process finished, he returned with her to Britain in 2001 and, joining the Buddhafield team for the annual Buddhafield Festival, quite unexpectedly found himself quite literally the winner of an acre of land outside Broadhembury in the deep countryside of Devon, land gifted specifically for him to create a Sanctuary to her. There's a whole story there the telling of which could fill a book! 


This initiated a new phase of creativity, fashioning a muddy stream and pool into a sanctuary worthy of her, in the process adding dragons, walkways, firepits, and areas for human shelter, together with a myriad of mysterious plants and trees. A sanctuary which continues to flourish to this day.


And from there he moved on to his latest and perhaps greatest challenge, transforming three acres of exhausted horse paddock into the East Devon Forest Garden and now into Hridayabija a retreat centre where Dharma and Ecology meet. The rest, as they say, is history - tho of course in this case it is not history at all but an ongoing story in continual process of unfoldment...

By Lokabandau Dec 2016

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From a Ball of Clay - a Video of Sagaravajra's creative journey