Hridayabija seeks to integrate Buddhist spiritual practice into the abundance of a living eco system; A Pureland if you will. Started on a bare horse paddock in 2010, it a few short years it has undergone an astonishing transformation into an amazing and magical ‘forest garden.’  People frequently report visiting the garden as being a life changing experience.  Hridayabija is an attempt to demonstrate that though while we cannot change the world, we can change at least a small part of it. We offer a lyrical response of living in congruence to our environmentally troubled times; a response of celebrating the worlds natural Beauty and power of restoration. We offer Hridayabija for the benefit of the many; to encounter this beauty and abundance through spiritual Practice, Spiritual community, practice of the Arts and appreciation of the living Environment.


All That Lives is Holy

Urbanised modern civilization increasingly disconnects us from the existential reality that our lives are completely dependent upon an intricate web of conditioned natural processes.  Our lives have become separated from and, are no longer grounded in the natural world. We easily become oblivious to, or take these natural processes for granted. Could our looming environmental problems be a symptom of this disconnection and loss of relationship with the natural world? Blake observed that ‘everything that lives is Holy. The manifestation of’ Hridayabija continues to emerge; offering the opportunity to reconnect with the nature  and honour the holiness of the natural world and our interdependence with it.