Retreats and events 2019

Hridayabija: The East Devon Forest Garden, is now almost in its tenth year with  many hundreds of varieties of edibleand useful plants and trees and a natural swimming pond. You are invited to participate in a vibrant Living Ecosystem. Here the ideals of Permaculture, Creativity & the Dharma are integrated within a living whole. Hridayabija offers a lyrical and inspired response to our environmental woes.


As a result of extensive building work we have reduced the number of events we are putting on this year

All our events are camping retreats and costs includes food much of which is gathered or harvested from the Forest Garden,  there are solar showers, hot tubs can be provided, swimming in the natural swimming pond is also available,


Guilds and Poly cultures, Reframing

Ecosystem Social structures

Dave Jacke

5th 7th  June 2020

We are thrilled to have Dave running this event this summer, on a rare visit from the US. His book Edible Forest Gardens, hugley infomed the design process of our Forest garden.


£307.82 Scholarships are available

Crafting a Mandala of Deep Purpose

Sagaravajra and Kerry Ann Smith

To be announced

A deep dive Journey to create your own personal mandala. Your  mandala then provides a map and compass to make congruent choices to live your most  meaningful life .

£125/ Concs on application

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Light from the Depths

Natasha Lythgoe

10th - 16th Sept 2020

This is a five  day event

This work is about deepening our relationship with oursleves, eachother and Nature (the more than Human world) It's about Exploring our inner and outer nature, and devloping ways to accept, be with, and learn from each experience that life sends our way.


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Whispering Eath - Listening Bodies


3rd/6th Sept 2020

This is a three day event

A conversation with  our Living Earth: A Buddhist meets Pagan perspective.